Bride Trial:
$ 150.00
Bride on the Day:
From $ 150.00
$ 120.00
Mother of Bride/ Groom:
$ 110.00
Flower Girls under 13:
$ 40.00

(eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick & blusher; no foundation, no false lashes)

Evening Makeup / Prom:
$ 120.00
$ 120.00
Individual False Eye Lashes:
$ 20.00

Hair & Makeup

Bride’s Hair & Makeup Pre-Wedding Session:
$ 220.00
Bride’s Hair & Makeup on the Day:
From $ 220.00
Bridesmaid’s Hair & Makeup:
Hair down $ 180.00 – Hair up $200.00
Mother of Bride/ Groom Hair & Makeup:
$ 180.00
Flower Girls under 13 Hair & Makeup:
$ 100.00
Evening / Prom Hair & Makeup:
Hair down $ 180.00 – Hair up $200.00
Engagement Hair & Makeup:
Hair down $ 180.00 – Hair up $200.00
Blow-wave / Straightening / Soft waves & Makeup:
$ 180.00

A small non-refundable Deposit is required to secure your booking An early start fee of $50 applies on all bookings that require a start time before 6 am.

All clients to have their hair washed and dried the day before the event, and the face cleansed and moisturised and free from makeup and oils. Please refrain from applying oils to the hair or face It is the client’s responsibility to advise of any allergies and skin sensitivities prior to commencement Please provide a large table and access to a power point and sink basin at the venue Images may be taken of all parties involved in the hair and makeup application and may be published on relevant social media sites and the website It is the client’s responsibility to advise if they wish their pictures not to be taken and uploaded onto social media platforms Children are welcome to be present, however must be supervised at all times in order to avoid exposure to heated styling elements and trip hazards 50% of the amount to be refunded to the client for cancellations that occur 4 weeks or more of the event date; no refunds within 4 weeks Peridot Makeup prides herself in a high level of hygiene practice. To ensure this is maintained, it is requested that persons refrain from touching any products, tools and equipment Finally – please remember that “Flawless Makeup begins with flawless skin” I can only work with the skin that you have. Help me achieve that flawless look for you by looking after your skin; cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily, apply sunscreen daily and exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week!